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Born in Tokyo in 1948, painter Morimura Ray graduated from Tokyo Gakugei University and began his career as a painter using abstract, geometric forms, later turning to woodblock printmaking.

According to his profile description in Wikipedia France, his early career as a non-figurative artist has a deep influence on his successive work, since the forms of trees, agricultural fields, houses and other elements are still created through an optimal disposition of triangles, squares and other geometric elements.

His drawings are based on “unnatural”, “flat” perspectives: often depicted from an high vantage point, they never aim to distinguish the figure from the background. Realism is not an issue, textures and hues are given great importance, and every element appears to have the same weight in the composition.


Extra bonus round on “How to spot an artist” pro-tips:

Rubens: "Skinny may be in. But fat is where it’s at."

Michelangelo: "Nude women are muscularly sculpted men with oddly shaped fruits attached on as breasts."

(Source: themetapicture.com)




1. a dense tropical rainforest.

2. a dense tropical rain forest usually having a cloud cover, especially one in the Amazon Basin.

Etymology: from Spanish and Portuguese, ultimately from Latin silva - forest.

[Hiroo Isono]


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